About Hugh Lee



Hugh is a fully qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher, a graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (2 year fully accredited course founder Leigh Blashki) from the CAE (Centre for Adult Education) Melbourne. He began teaching in 2008, assisting and co-teaching Andrew Mournehis on Yoga retreats in India, Bali and Australia.

In 2013, Hugh trained in Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley (100 hours Level one) and in 2015 trained with Sarah Powers “Insight Yoga” Yin Teacher Training 60 hours. This has inspired him to become a lifelong student of Yin Yoga, which he finds deeply healing, replenishing and nourishing.

Hugh is a member of The Insight Yoga Institute founded by Sarah and Ty Powers. He is currently studying Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Buddhism at the Insight Yoga Institute and receives mentoring from Sarah and Ty Powers.

You will find Hugh’s Yin classes are very healing and soothing. He takes a Chinese Medicine approach focusing on replenishing and balancing the organs by stimulating the meridians in the body in various long held (5mins – 10mins) Yin postures. He is very passionate about Chinese Medicine which he has used himself as a tool for healing from adrenal fatigue, he receives on-going mentoring from Becky Andrews a qualified and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner of Cloud Gate Therapeutics.

You will find Hugh teaching Yin classes at various Yoga studios in Melbourne and he is also available for private one-on-one Yoga tuition. He also facilitates Yin workshops, Yin retreats and Yin teacher trainings.

For private tuition bookings email: yogabreathofheart@gmail.com or mobile: 0407 077 209


9 thoughts on “About Hugh Lee”

    1. Hi Cara
      The earliest 50hr Yin YTT in Melbourne is on 16-24th June 2018 at Yoga 213 Richmond.
      However I’m thinking of having a 50hr training earlier in 20-8 but I haven’t set. Date yet.
      Out of interest what month suits you in 2018?


  1. Hi Hugh,

    I live on the coast. Is there any chance that you might conduct a Yin teacher training course in Ocean Grove or Torquay some time in 2018?




  2. Hi Lee,

    When will your training dates for 2019 be coming out? Would love to do Yin TT next year Jan/Feb if available!

    Sandra 😊🙏


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